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Glass Lazy Susan Turntable - 36 Inch
Glass Lazy Susan Turntable - 36 Inch
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Lazy Susans by Mary is your premier provider of large Glass Lazy Susans. Our company is built on the basis of providing a high class product with really great customer service. We have spent years sourcing the best possible components to be able to provide the best quality product available on the market. You will not find this kind of quality at big box stores, period. The glass that we use is of the highest quality, used only by very high end, designer furniture makers. It is tempered for safety and durability!

Glass Lazy Susan Turntables

Like every Lazy Susan sold by Lazy Susans by Mary, our Glass Lazy Susans are made from the highest quality materials. Our Glass Lazy Susan consists of two things, the glass and the lazy susan ball bearing hardware (turntable). We use tempered glass with all lazy susans and the best lazy susan ball bearings available on the market today. With our Glass Lazy Susans you not only get a great quality product, but you also get a timeless design. Year after year your new Glass Lazy Susan will match any decor you have in your dining area. They look great resting on a glass table, a wooden table, a metal table or a stone table.

The Bearing is King

We believe that the most important part of our Glass Lazy Susans are the turntable bearings. Without a high quality bearing it does not matter how beautiful it is. If it doesn't spin quietly and easily with or without a load on it, then it is not a high quality Glass Lazy Susan. For that reason, we have sourced the highest quality lazy susan turntable bearings in the world. We know this for a fact because we have tested them all.

We only use architectural grade hardware that is specifically manufactured to spin quietly and smoothly without any effort. These turntables contain approximately 160 8mm steel ball bearings captured within an aluminum casing. Our turntable hardware has the ability to support the weight of up to 200lbs and still spin silently and effortlessly. The hardware has rubber pads on the top and bottom so that it can rest on any surface without scratching and the glass can rest on top of it without sliding around. So if you are going to choose a Glass Lazy Susan, choose one that uses the highest possible quality glass and hardware available.

Glass Lazy Susan Sizes

Our Glass Lazy Susans range in size from 15 to 36 inches. For tables that are round, square, or rectangle, we have a Glass Lazy Susan turntable to that will fit perfect for years to come. We offer the widest selection of sizes for large Glass Lazy Susans on the market.

Glass Edges

For most sizes of our large Glass Lazy Susans, you have the option to choose either 1/4" thick glass with a polished edge or 3/8" thick glass with a beveled edge.

What size should you use with your table? Below is a guide to help gauge which size lazy susan to choose based on your table size. For more detailed information, please visit our "What Size Fits My Table?" page.

15 inch: 45 - 63 inch tables
24 inch: 54 - 72 inch tables
27 inch: 57 - 75 inch tables
30 inch: 60 - 78 inch tables
36 inch: 66 - 84 inch tables

Are you an Event Planner or own a Rental Business? Need to Place a Bulk Order?

Do you need to purchase a large number of lazy susans for an event or rent lazy susans to a convention center or resort? Look no further! We specialize in bulk orders for event/wedding planners, convention center organizers, and other specialty shops that need to purchase a large number of our turntables. Typical uses include corporate dinners, wedding receptions, awards shows, holiday celebrations, and private parties. We can provide bulk discount pricing on most of our models with a purchase of 10 or more. Bulk orders are expertly packaged on pallets and labeled and will ship via either LTL freight or UPS Ground (not on pallets), depending on destination location. Also depending on location, freight charges may apply and will be added to your quote price. We will explore every avenue to try to keep freight charges as low as possible to pass the savings along to you.

We understand that your client might have a request that we do not provide here in our store. With bulk ordering, we will be glad to do some research and try to come up a solution that will satisfy your client. We are your one-stop shop for all bulk order lazy susans. We will provide you with a quote and lead times usually within 24-48 hours of receiving your request. Please email us at to start a conversation on how we can assist you with your bulk order lazy susan needs.

Glass Lazy Susan Dinner Party

Glass Lazy Dinner Party

Glass Lazy Susan Dinner Party

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