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With an emphasis on high quality, Lazy Susans by Mary is your source for an assortment of lazy susan turntables. We promise to provide the highest quality lazy susans and offer outstanding customer service. We see lazy susans as a piece of functional artwork that every home needs. Lazy Susans are a tool to bring families together! From the time we begin to assemble the different quality pieces that make up our lazy susans, to the time your lazy susan reaches your front door, we promise it will change your entertaining and dining experience! We've spent years sourcing the very best materials and products available in the world. Staple products that carry our brand name are our Glass Lazy Susan, Granite Lazy Susan, and MDF Lazy Susan. All other products that we sell were sourced from high-end furniture and home good manufacturers that are the best in the business. We truly are “bringing people together, one lazy susan at a time.”

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Copper Lazy Susan - 24 Inch

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Lazy Susans

The history of the lazy susan, or turntable, can be dated back centuries as a way to serve food to a large group of people. It is speculated that the original term used for a lazy susan was "dumb waiter", as referenced in an 18th century British magazine article used to describe how some "silent machines" had replaced servants serving food to guests. "Dumb waiter" was later used more widely in reference to a small elevator used to transport food between floors. It is also widely thought that Thomas Jefferson introduced the turning serving tray (lazy susan) to America from France, but Jefferson never had one in his house at Montecello.

Lazy Susans come in all sizes and materials, and we at Lazy Susans By Mary try to curate the best possible collection of styles to suite the needs of our customers. We are always on the lookout for new materials and trends. From various species of wood to copper to glass, we feel like we have a great and unique selection not found anywhere else online or in store. A Lazy Susan can be a casual piece you put in a cabinet to keep spices organized or an elegant addition to your dining table. It is very common for our customers to have a lazy susan centerpiece on a table and to decorate around it. We feel like our turntables are the finishing touch needed to a great dining or party experience. The popularity of using a turntable in everyday use is rising, be the envy of your friends with one from Lazy Susans By Mary!

If you have any questions regarding any of our styles of lazy susans, please give us a call at 800-419-8395, we would love to hear from you.

A lazy susan turntable is designed to make entertaining and dining more convenient by moving food from one person to another while enjoying your meal. With a lazy susan turntable you never have to move or pass food along the table! The lazy susan remains in one place while your food spins in a circular motion with a slight touch of your hand. You never have to pass or pick up hot, heavy dishes.

Lazy susans also come in handy for wedding and event planners, whether there is a buffet of food or large sit-down tables, everyone benefits from having easier access to food and condiments. Lines run smoother and more people are able to be served in a shorter amount of time resulting in a pleasant experience for all. Our Lazy Susans By Mary brand MDF lazy susans (found in the Wood Lazy Susan category) and our Glass Lazy Susans are perfect for this application, and we offer bulk discounts for a purchase of 10 or more.

At Lazy Susans by Mary we have a wide range of designs and materials to fit your needs. Our number one priority is producing and selling quality lazy susans turntables. So if you are in the market for a glass lazy susan, wood lazy susan, stone lazy susan, copper lazy susan, or a wine barrel lazy susan, please browse our categories on the left navigation and provide us with the chance to impress you with our quality craftsmanship and materials.

Glass Lazy Susans

One of our most popular lazy susans is our Glass Lazy Susan Turntable. We offer many different sizes to fit your needs, small lazy susans to large lazy susans. The larger lazy susans are by far our more popular sellers. They make a great addition to any kitchen and are perfect for family gatherings. Our glass lazy susan tops are made from the highest quality tempered glass, the same glass used in many high end furniture pieces so you know it will look good and last. We also use the very best turntable hardware available in the world. This assures you smooth and silent movement as long as you own your lazy susan. Glass will always be a timeless style, elegant enough to fit in a modern home, while versatile enough to go with a more traditional setting. So simple yet made with very strict guidelines, our Glass Lazy Susan Turntables guarantee a timeless design that is sure to impress your dinner and party guests for years to come. They are simply beautiful!

Wine Barrel Lazy Susans

A truly unique centerpiece! Our wine barrel lazy susans always make an excellent conversation piece. We have different models to choose from for your different needs. Each and every wine barrel lazy susan is a handmade original that the manufacturing process is only started once your order is placed, not sitting on a shelf. These turntables are manufactured with retired wine barrel lids from wineries across the country. Each wine barrel lid is sanded and sealed with a durable, spill-proof top coat. We have eight stain options to choose from! One model of our wine barrel lazy susans has the wine barrel lid on top of an actual wine barrel metal ring. Another model is made specifically for rectangular tables and slides back and forth. We even offer personalization on select models. All of our wine barrel lazy susans spin with the highest quality hardware. Check out our Wine Barrel Lazy Susan category and see for yourself! PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

Wood Lazy Susans

Mary’s Favorite lazy susan! Our black powder coated MDF wood lazy susans are manufactured in the United States. We offer many different sizes for you to choose from. The MDF used is CARB 93120 Phase II Compliant (What is This?), and is finished with a black, textured powder coat. The powder coat finish is extremely durable and can resist slight scratches and a small amounts of liquid if wiped dry immediately. After attaching the highest quality lazy susan hardware, we have a very sturdy, yet very beautiful wood lazy susan that is sure to be a great centerpiece for years to come. Our black MDF wood lazy susans are popular at weddings, events, and activity centers. See our product pages for bulk order pricing. MDF LAZY SUSANS ARE MADE IN THE USA.

We also offer many other types of wood lazy susans that are manufactured with the highest quality processes and materials. Hickory Wood, Acacia wood, and Teak wood are just a few of our choices.

Stone Lazy Susan

We offer a few different varieties of Stone Lazy Susans to meet your decorating and functional needs, depending on what we have had uniquely made exclusively to us and what we have in stock. Usually our Granite Lazy Susans are unique, one-of-a-kind items that are recycled from left over materials from high-end granite or quartz countertops. We have good relationships with local granite manufacturers and they deliver only the best. Each lazy susan is a one-of-a-kind piece that will definitely turn a few heads. These lazy susans are non-porous so clean up is a breeze and are sturdy enough to last for many, many years. MADE IN THE USA

We generally have a few granite colors to choose from and a slate model that is perfect for the countertop or bar top. This Slate Lazy Susan is mined out of the earth from the slate mines in Vermont, cut to the correct size, and is completely made in the USA.

Copper Lazy Susans

Copper is a very versatile material that can be found in most homes. It can be matched with just about any decor and looks fantastic. Copper is also very durable, and with proper care, will last a lifetime. Our Copper Lazy Susans are hand-made by experienced copper artisans in Mexico from recycled copper and are truly one-of-a-kind pieces, no two are alike. We offer two great looking patinas, one is your traditional copper color, while one is a little darker. Both are beautiful, and offer two great design choices for whatever your decorating tastes are. We offer Free Shipping with our Copper Lazy Susans.

Lazy Susan Hardware Bearings

Over the years we have experimented with many different lazy susan bearings. We came across several that didn't meet our quality standards and came across a few that did. For these high quality lazy susan bearings we use them throughout our different lazy susan lines including: wine barrel lazy susans, wood lazy susans, stone lazy susans, and glass lazy susans. We also have the individual bearings for sale on our lazy susan hardware page if you want to make your own lazy susan! We believe to make a great lazy susan that it all starts at the hardware, for that reason we offer the highest quality bearings on the market. We also offer the option to buy screws and rubber bumpers from us to complete your projects without having to hunt these small items down at your local hardware store.

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